My new guitar!

Custom made by Larrivee Guitars, Vancouver, B.C.

Designed by Jim McCrain.

Model J-10-Koa


Many thanks to ALL of the wonderful people at Larrivee Guitars for making this dream become a reality!
Special thanks to: Jean, Wendy, Matthew, Darlene, and Michelle.

Click on a picture to see a larger version.
Warning: Some of these files are big.

Jumbo Body with bookmatched Hawaiian Koa top and bottom.
(This wood was aged for 12 years before the guitar was made. The wood was hand selected by Jean Larrivee, as per my specifications.)

J-10-K body
Here you can see the "flame" on the sides as well as the top.
(All of the wood for the top, back and sides came from a single log.)
"Flame" is a term used to describe the "cross-grain" effect in the woods finish. The "flame" on this guitar is so deep that it appears to be 3 dimensional when the light shines on it.

J-10-K bridge "wing" inlay
Detail of the bridge "wing" inlay.
The roses become a central theme for the inlay on the guitar, being used on the bridge, neck, and head-stock. All of the inlay is hand-scribed by Wendy Larrivee.

J-10-K rossette
Detail of the bridge "wing" inlay and soundhole rosette.
(Also a good look at the "flame")

J-10-K "vase and vine"
The "vase and vine" fingerboard, with rose's marking frets 3,5,7,9,12.
The inlay consists of abalone heart, mother-of-pearl, "ivoroid" (a synthetic ivory substitute), and Koa wood.

J-10-K headstock "The Goddess"
The head-stock inlay is custom designed by Jim McCrain.
"The Goddess" is a composite of five statues from around the State of Texas.
(The Alamo Cenotaph; "Lady Liberty", State Capitol, Austin; the Elissa figure-head; 2 gravestones/markers, Texas State Cemetery.)
"JMC" carved into the "base" of the "statue" are my initials.
Two roses at the foot of the base continue the "vase and vine" theme.

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And if you think she is pretty,


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Well, what do you think of her?

Jim McCrain